The Legend - Buva Salvi

Shankarrao Salvi (15 July 1931 – 15 February 2007) was an Indian Kabaddi player, coach and administrator. He was life president of Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India. Salvi is described as a persuasive speaker. His efforts in the field resulted in the merging of "hu tu tu" into a standardised version of kabaddi. Hu tu tu, a traditional game similar to kabaddi, played in Maharashtra has nine players per side whereas the standard kabaddi is played with seven players per side.

Traditionalists in Maharashtra had resisted replacement of the word "hu tu tu" with "kabaddi" a word more common in northern India. They had persisted in their resistance even after its acceptance in the southern India states. Salvi was a Royist, who cultivated good relations with the state government and lobbied with chief ministers of Maharashtra, to obtain state patronage for Kabaddi. He didn't abuse his contacts for personal benefits; when asked by the Chief Minister what he wanted, Salvi even though he lived in a rented house, requested for space for an administrative office for kabaddi........Read More

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Kabaddi is basically a combative sport, with seven players on each side; played for period of 40 minutes with 5 minutes break (20-5-20).The core idea of the game is to score points by raiding into the opponents court and touching as many defence players as possible without getting caught on on a single breath. One player, chanting Kabaddii: Kabaddi: Kabaddi: Charges into the opponent court and tries to touch the opponent court and tries to touch the opponent closest to him, while the seven opponents make maneuvers to catch the attacker. This is the Kabaddi, the match of one against seven, known as the game of struggle. The players on the defensive side are called “Antis” while the player of the offence is called the “Raider”. The attack in Kabaddi is known as a Raid. Kabaddi involves agility, good muscular co-ordination, presence of mind, dare, quick reflexes, good lung capacity, and an ability to anticipate the opponent’s moves. The unique feature of this sport is that it is a combination of team and an individual effort.Kabaddi is perhaps the only sport that is closely related to to “Yoga” the ancient Indian science that advocates a healthy mind in a healthy body.....Read More